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NOW! Magazine

Meet your saviour! The MICRO Pedi’s mineral roller spins at 30 times a second to budd away dry, hard skin.

It makes cracked, callused skin breach-ready from the first use, plus it’s easier to use that feet scrapers. It’s also much cheaper than having a monthly summer pedi – the Ultimate Cowshed pedicure costs £55 a time.”

Beauty Magazine

“Make sure your feet are hot to trot at any moment by investing in some footsie fixers. MICRO Pedi uses a unique micro mineral roller that spins 360 degrees, at a speedy 30 times a second, gently and effectively buffing away dead, hard skin from your soles and heels, it takes all the pain out of an at the home pedicure.”

Daily Mirror

DailyMirror“A nifty new device created to painlessly remove dry, callused skin on the feet, using a battery-operated micro roller that spins around. Gives smooth feet in seconds.”

Daily Star

Keep party feet feeling soft and silky smooth without forking out for regular pedicures with the MICRO Pedi… It exfoliates and dry skin away super quick to make feet sexy again!"

Candis Magazine

As soon as you switch to sandals, flatter thin tier soles and exposure to the element s makes hard skin build up. So get proactive and use a pumice stone or the Emjoi Micro Pedi."

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